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How many M.D.-J.D.'s are there?
 I am aware of no formal accounting. I am aware of 3 MD-JD's from my medical school class of approximately 230 and 2 MD-JD's from my law school class of 240.
 The AMA estimates there are 1,500-6,000. If you are aware of a comprehensive list (or count!) of doctor-lawyers, I would appreciate hearing about it.

   I have assembled this list piecemeal as I come across information on professionals with both degrees. As I would estimate that the number of
dual degreed professionals is on the order of 1% of doctors and lawyers, this list is clearly just a small sampling. I hope that this list may be of
some use  for locating people with similar backgrounds and interests.

    Other lists MD/JD's:  The American College of Legal Medicine adds approximately 20 member MD-JD's or DO-JD's a year.

Medical Malpractice Defense Attorneys:
Stephan R. Paul ,Philadelphia, Pa. White & Williams (B.C. Pediatric Oncology)
Harley Kaufman , New York, N.Y.  Medical Malpractice eZine .
Erle E. Peacock Raleigh, N.C.  (B.C. Surgery, Plastic Surgery)
Robert H. Gans, M.D.,LLB. .Cleveland, Oh. (Ophthalmology)
Maria S.. Rose ;  New York, N.Y.

Peer Review Defense:

C. William HinnantAnderson SC, Urologist, Fellow, American College of Legal Medicine
Ralph M. Bard  . Tullahoma, Tn.
Richard Wilbur, Chairman American Medical Foundation for Peer Review & Education
Louise B. Andrew  FACEP British Columbia - President of Coalition and centers for Ethical Medical Experts
Joseph C. Avakoff . California
Lee S. Goldsmith . New Jersey
Erle E. Peacock, Jr. North Carolina
A. Tobias . Urologist, Walnut Creek, California
Robert V. West, FACEM Texas


Medical Malpractice Plaintiff Attorneys:
Bruce Maston, Philadelphia, Pa. (Internal Medicine)
Arthur Newmark, Philadelphia, Pa. (Internal Medicine) (LL.M. - Temple Trial Advocacy 2004)
Leon Aussprung, Philadelphia, Pa. (Pediatrics); Law Office of Leon Aussprung MD, LLC, (LL.M. - Temple Trial Advocacy 2006)
Tai Y Wong,  Philadelphia Pa.   
Eric Shore, Media Pa,  (Family Medicine) Schrom & Shaffer - Save Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital Coalition
Sidney M. Grobman, Philadelphia, Pa., (Family Medicine) Abraham, Lowenstein & Bushman
Gerald F. Kaplan,  Philadelphia Pa. (Surgery) Judy Greenwood & Associates
Daniel M. Finelli, Philadelphia Pa. (Internal Medicine) Raynes McCarty
Esther M. GallagherBala Cynwyd, PA (Family Medicine) Lowenthal & Abrams, PC.
Jonathan Alan Briskin, Bryn Mawr Pa, (Forensic Pathology); Briskin & Lewis
Michael Gleeson, Philadelphia, Pa. (Surgery)
Jerome Eric Goldstein, Philadelphia, Pa. (Internal Medicine)
Jim Beasley Jr., Philadelphia, Pa. Beasley Firm   (LL.M. - Temple Trial Advocacy 2003)
Marsha Santangelo, Philadelphia, Pa. (General Surgery) Beasley Firm
Lisa Dagostino, Philadelphia, Pa. (Obstetrics) Kline & Specter
Carol Dembe, Philadelphia, Pa. (Emergency Medicine) Kline & Specter
Mark A. Hoffman, Philadelphia, Pa. (Pediatric Surgery) Kline & Specter (LL.M. - Temple Trial Advocacy 2004)
Garabet M. Zakeosian, Philadelphia, Pa. (Anesthesiology) Kline & Specter
Geary Yeisley Philadelphia, Pa. (Cardio-thoracic Surgery) Kline & Specter
Earlie Francis Philadelphia, Pa. (Emergency Medicine) Kline & Specter
Matthew Blum, Philadelphia, Pa., (Otolaryngology) Kolsby, Gordon, Robin, Shore & Bezar
F. Philip Robin, Philadelphia, Pa., (General Practice) Kolsby, Gordon, Robin, Shore & Bezar
Bruce Lord Wilder, Pittsburgh, Pa.  (Neurosurgery)
Deborah S. Maliver, Pittsburgh, Pa.   (Internal Medicine) Bancheria, Eriksen & Maliver, P.C.
Rosemary E. McGeady, Edison, NJ Cardiology
Armand Leone, Jr., Glen Rock, N.J.
 Lee S. Goldsmith, Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Harvey F. Wachsman , Great Neck, N.Y. (Neurosurgery)
WIlliam J. Cade, Albany N.Y. Cade & Saunders, P.C. (LL.M. - Temple Trial Advocacy 1998)
Barry D. Lang - Boston, MA
Giles Manley,  Baltimore, MD  
(OB.GYN) Janet, Jenner & Suggs
Arthur Schwartz,   Annapolis, MD  Franch, Jarashow, & Smith   Why Choose a DOCTOR For a LAWYER
Zev T. Gershon, Owings Mills, MD  Gershon, Willoughby, Getz & Smith, LLC 
Randal D. Getz, Owings Mills, MD   How can you benefit from  having an MD/JD working for you ?
Russell Kussman, Los Angeles, CA, (Internal  Medicine)
Harry Rein , Longwood, Fl.  Doctor / Lawyer / Judge
Michael V. Barszcz , Orlando, Fl. , Fellow - American College of Legal Medicine
James Deming, Phoenix Az.  Psychiatry
Phil C. Pearson ,Aurora, Co. . (Emergency Medicine, Family Practice)
Kenneth C. Chessick, Schaumburg, IL Surgery
Arnold Podolsky,  Birmingham, MI   Anesthesiology
Gregory Kauffman, Albuquerque, NM - Pathologist

Elliott B. Oppenheim,   Tesuque, NM   (LLM  Health Law)
Herbert O. Phillips IV,   Chapel Hill,  NC (Orthopedic Surgery) Articles: Expert witnesses program: Practicing M.D. perspective
Charles E. Rawlings
, Winston-Salem, NC

C. William HinnantAnderson SC, Urologist
Laurence  Dry, (Surgeon) Oak Ridge, TN
James Rauer, Dallas, Tx. - Radiology
James E. KeeverTexarkana, Tx  (Orthopedic Surgery )

Expert Witness Services:

Elizabeth Talbott, Atlanta,  Ga.
Frederick W. Silverman, Bartow, Fl. (Surgical Oncology)
Elliott B. Oppenheim
Santa Fe, NM  LLM Health Law, Spoliation in Medical Negligence cases

M.D./J.D.'s in medical practice:

  Current and former leaders of Medical Organizations

Donald J. Palmisano,  Vascular Surgeon, Former President - American Medical Association .
Richard S. Wilbur Executive Vice President Emeritus, Council of Medical Specialty Societies
John R. Ball ,  Executive Vice President American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)
Joseph Wood President American American Academy of Emergency Medicine
Larry Weiss President Louisian StateChapter of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine
Richard G. Roberts . Chairman of the Board American Academy of Family Physicians
Donald Aaronson, Past President, American College of Allergy & Immunology
Dean M. Hashimoto, Occupational Medicine, Chair of Health Care Services Board of Massachusetts.
Glenn W. Knox, Neurology, Jacksonville, FL  2008 President, Duval County Medical Society
Wayne Blackmon. Bethesda MD  Psychiatry. past president of the Medical Society of DC, American Socety of Psychoanalytic Physicians, Lecturer in Law-GWU Law school

Michael L. Brooks, Philadelphia, Pa. Radiology, Neuroradiology
Maureen A. Fee,   Philadelphia, Pa. Developmental Pediatrics
David A. Lenrow, Philadelphia, Pa. Physiatry  
Cyril H. Wecht ,Pittsburgh, Pa. - Allegheny County Coroner,  Searching For Justice Through Medicine .
Edward S. Hume   - Clinical WisdomAdult Psychiatry . How the World Works---A Reading List .
Vivien Boniuk , Queens, N.Y. Ophthalamology
Jijibhoy J. Patel , Stockton, CA - Cardiology
Matthew L Howard, San Francisco, CA - Otolaryngology
Roger Kaye
, Norwalk CT Neurosurgery
Hossein Nezami, Jacksonville, FL - Plastic Surgery
William J. Morton , Atlanta, Ga. - Urology.
Robert H. Goldberg - Marietta, Ga. Forensic pathology
E. Allen Griggs    Martinsville, IN Pathology
Glee Ann Netherlander, New Orleans, LA psychiatry
Kenneth Todd , Baton Rouge, LA - psychiatry, addiction, alcohol, cocaine, substance abuse,  ADD, OCD
Jorge Martinez New Orleans, La.  Emergency Medicine
Robert West,  Emergency Medicine
Michael Newdow, Sacramento, Ca. Emergency Medicine, UCLA Olive View, "Pledge of Allegience" case
Kenneth Ashton Freeman, Clinton, MD Bioethics & Community Health
Howard R. Belkin, MD, DDS, JD  Birmingham, MI Psychiatry.
John S. Carbone, Raleigh, NC  Director of Mental Health - Division of Prisons, North Carolina Department of Correction.
Julia Ai,  Sparks, NV   (First Rutgers/Camden dual degree MD/JD) - Dermatology
Jeffrey Wishik Ma; RI Neurology
 Ben Go, MI  Internal Medicine AND law (civil litigation and estate planning);
Mark Silverman,  MI  Psychiatrist; also practices law;
Fernando Diaz, MI Neurosurgery  
Alexander Batchev, D.O., MI OB-GYN; AND law (civil litigation and estate
David B.  Ketroser , Hopkins, MN. Neurology / Law
Barry Solomon , Massapequa, NY  - Dermatology, SUNY Brooklyn 1992
Brian A. Boyle  Ithaca, NY Infectious dieseases / Aids

Kenneth Grosslight, Blythewood, SC  Anesthesia, Cardiovascular Anesthesia, Neuro Anesthesia

C. William HinnantAnderson SC, Urologist, Fellow, American College of Legal Medicine, Peer Review Defense
Henri-AnnNortman,  Wharton, TX Pediatrics 
Cary Sternick, The Woodlands, TX.- Neurology, Electromyography

Marlowe Schaeffer,   Drexel Hill, PA Remote Medical managment services to Hospitals Nationwide
David Coffee
. -        Drexel Hill, PA    Remote Medical managment services to Hospitals Nationwide
Richard E.MosesCherry Hill, NJ  (Gastroenterology) Dessen, Moses & Sheinoff lLegal, health and medical-legal issues
Louise B. Andrew, Litigation Stress Managment, President: Coalition and Center for Ethical Medical Testimony
Allan Tobias.Walnut Creek, Ca  Health Law:  Medical Staff Bylaws, investigations, hearings, and  credentialing and privileging issues; Patient Advocacy
William J. Morton -Quality Assurance and Utilization Review, Credentialling, Malpractice and Medical Products Liability.
Joe R. McFarlane , , San Antonio, Tx - Health Law / Managed Care (Ophthalmology)
Paul Zagar , SUNY Brooklyn, M.D. 1989;  William & Mary, J.D. 2002  Darby & Darby, Intellectual Property Law

Dual Degree ProgramsAmerican Association of Medical Colleges - MD/JD Programs   .
     Baylor College of Medicine.
     Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine .
     University of Chicago Division of the Biological Sciences The Pritzker School of Medicine.
     Duke University School of Medicine .
     Harvard Medical School. Dual Degrees 
     Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public Health.
     Southern Illinois University School of Medicine .
     Stanford University School of Medicine..
     University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine .
     University of Florida College of Medicine .
     University of Illinois College of Medicine, Urbana-Champaign.
     Mayo Medical School (507)-284-3627Arizona State U (480)965-3246. Mayo students eligible for 2 Year JD; 1 Year Master of Legal Studies
     UMDNJ--New Jersey Medical School .Camden, N.J.
     UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, New Brunswick, N.J. 
     University of Arkansas College of Medicine .
     University of Illinois College of Medicine-UrbanaChampaign.
     University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine .
     University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine.
     University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine .
     University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine .
     University of Texas Medical School at Galveston.JD/MPH.. 
     West Virginia University School of Medicine.
     Vanderbilt University School of Medicine .
     Yale University School of Medicine .

M.D./J.D.  Don't do it - Edward S. Hume, M.D.,J.D..
Dueling degrees: Why some doctors are getting a JD ... American Medical News Jan. 28, 2002.

  David Faris,  M.D.,  Columbia University P&S  1954; L.L.B. , Harvard 1962
                                       ---   IN MEMORIUM - March 9, 2001---

    Dave was one of the most modest and low key people I have ever known. I met Dave in 1975 through our common
love of music at the  Orchestra Society of Philadelphia . In 1985, when I started medical school, Dave always liked to
give me advice about surviving the experience.

    Although I'd always known that Dave had graduated from medical school, he didn't confide in me that he had graduated
from Harvard Law School until 1999 when I was a law student. Dave was offered the newly renamed "Juris Doctorate" when
he graduated from Harvard Law School, but turned it down in favor of the more modest traditional "Bachelors" degree in law.

   Dave was always full of surprises. In 1999, when I first played Haydn string quartets with Dave, he told me that  it was the
first time that he had played them as a cellist, but that he had known the music through years of playing four handed  piano
arrangements with his wife Carol. I had been unaware that Dave was a fairly serious pianist until that time. As Carol now tells it,
both she and Dave played piano and cello, but when they got married it was decided that she would be THE  pianist and he 
would be THE cellist, and that was how it was until the end.

   Dave chose not to have a funeral. I hope he would approve of this small rememberance in cyber space.


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